Memorial Tree & Bench Program

A donation of a tree and/or bench helps beautify our community, creates a sense of ownership and provides a meaningful amenity that thousands of users of the great outdoors can enjoy and appreciate as time goes by. The memorial program is a unique way to remember a loved one or a special occasion with a lasting tribute. The program is designed to assist the City of Owensboro, through donor funding, to plant trees and install benches in locations that have been identified as appropriate, and suitable.


Memorial Bench Program: Printable Application

  • Cost is approximately $1,500 to $2,500, determined by size, location and installation costs. Once those items are determined, staff will compile a more specific estimate.
  • Bench locations in City parks and open spaces must be approved by the City.
  • At the donor’s option, the name of the loved one memorialized or honored will be inscribed on a plaque to be placed on the bench. Plaque shall be 4” x 6” bronze plaque or approved substitute.
  • All cost related to bench fabrication, installation and inscription/plaque shall be the responsibility of the donor and will be estimated for the donor.
  • If interested in a Memorial Bench, please contact 270-687-8700 to determine specific bench and location. Once that information is secured, a cost estimate can be compiled and provided.  If at that time a bench is desired, please complete the Memorial Bench Application and submit payment.


Memorial Tree Program:  Printable Application

  • Cost is approximately $350 for the tree.
  • The cost to purchase and plant a tree along with any inscription, plaque or marker shall be the responsibility of the donor. Plaque shall be 4” x 6” bronze plaque or approved substitute. Plaque cost is approximately $175.
  • Memorial trees are not permitted in areas that are not irrigated, including but not limited to open spaces.
  • Final determination on tree species, location and planting will be determined and accomplished by the Grounds Division of Public Works in conjunction with the Parks & Recreation Department. Trees are typically planted during the fall and spring seasons, but may be ordered at any time. Some locations may not be available.



  • The location and any inscription on the marker or plaque must be approved by the Director of Park & Recreation or his/her designee.
  • Department staff will work with the donor to determine an ideal location for the bench or tree, but will limit the number of memorial benches or trees that can be placed within any park, open space, golf course, cemetery or other City of Owensboro Parks & Recreation Department maintained property.
  • The City will make every reasonable effort to maintain trees and benches, but will not be responsible for acts of nature, survivability of trees, damage or vandalism to benches or trees. At the City’s sole and absolute discretion, the City may replace memorial trees and make repairs or replacement of memorial benches but shall not be required to replace or repair.
  • The City reserves the right to remove or relocate the bench or tree if the City determines that removal is in the City’s best interest.
  • Non-perishable items, such as photos, plastic flowers and beads, are not permitted and will be removed.


For more information, please contact the Owensboro Parks & Recreation Department at 270-687-8700.