The 16.5-mile long Adkisson Greenbelt Park is designed to encircle the city linking neighborhoods, business districts, parks, and schools. The trails that make up the Greenbelt Park offer a 10-foot wide asphalt surface that will easily accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists and meets the American with Disabilities Act standards. Whether you enjoy walking, running, skating, or bicycling for recreation or to reach a destination, the Adkisson Greenbelt Park is an enjoyable and healthy place to be.

Trail Access with Parking

  • WEST TRAIL – Joe Ford Nature Park to Shifley Park – 3.3 Miles
    • Joe Ford Nature Park – 3870 West 2nd Street
    • Jack C Fisher Park – 3900 West 5th Street Road
    • Shifley Park – 2731 Bittel Road
  • SOUTH TRAIL- Shifley Park to Horse Fork Trail – 8 Miles
    • Shifley Park
    • Higdon Road – 1833 Higdon Road
  • HORSE FORK TRAIL – Higdon Road to Brookhill Subdivision – 3.3 Miles
    • Higdon Road
    • Yewell Heritage Park – 3690 Haywood Court
  • EAST TRAIL – Heartland Subdivision to Lagoon Lane – 1.9 Miles
    • Meijer’s – 3951 Heartland Crossing Blvd
    • Lagoon Lane

Trail Etiquette

  • YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS Pedestrians have the right-of-way
  • KEEP RIGHT AND PASS ON LEFT The trail is like a roadway
  • ANNOUNCE YOURSELF BEFORE PASSING Politely warn trail users as you approach from behind
  • IF YOU STOP, PLEASE LEAVE THE TRAIL Always allow other trail users room to pass on the left.
  • OBEY ALL TRAIL SIGNS & RULES For your safety, stop at intersections; travel at safe speeds; keep right
  • ENJOY YOUR PETS Keep pets on a short leash; walk pets on the right-hand shoulder; clean your pet’s waste from trail area.
  • PLEASE HELP KEEP THE TRAILS CLEAN Don’t litter. Recycle trash on the trail.
  • DO NOT USE TRAILS AT NIGHT Trails are closed from dusk to dawn.

Please report safety or maintenance concerns to the City’s facilities maintenance office 270-687-8707