The Owensboro Parks & Recreation Department is committed to improving the quality of life for all Owensboro residents by providing a wide variety of leisure activities, facilities, and services that encourage health, fitness, relaxation, enjoyment, and learning as well as providing opportunities for community involvement and appreciation and care of the natural environment and the provision of open space an parks. And most importantly we provide locations and opportunities for FUN!

The mission of our department is threefold.

First, provide QUALITY OF LIFE opportunities for our local citizens through programming, facilities parks and amenities.

Second, provision of GREENSPACE for future generations to include protecting the environment, providing nature close to home through open parks and civic spaces.

Third, support the local ECONOMY through sports and recreational tourism. Working to secure events and tournaments that will bring travelers and outside dollars to Owensboro.

To sum it up, we want Owensboro to ENJOY LIFE!