Chautauqua Park is a 31 acre community park acquired from Seven Hills Chautauqua Company in 1916 located just off East Parrish Avenue. The Company brought the Chautauqua Movement to Owensboro. The Chautauqua Movement in America educated and enlightened thousands of Americans from its beginning in 1894 as a religious institute at Lake Chautauqua, New York. The owners of the Seven Hills Chautauqua Company believed their purpose was “to promote the cause of higher education, literacy and musical culture and social advancement.” They wanted to make the Owensboro Chautauqua Park a replica of the Mother Chautauqua Park in New York.

The Park was originally filled with a 1/3 mile lagoon complete with boats, bowling alley, walking trail, auditorium with seating for 6,000, many public and private buildings, a library and more.

Chautauqua Park was annexed to the city in 1917. The City did not start renovating the park until the early 1970s due to no money during World War I and the Depression Period. In 2014 we added the lasted attribute, the  Travis Aubrey Skate Park .