Skate Lesson Descriptions

Tots Levels 1-4: Ages 3-6
The child is instructed to stand, fall correctly, and get up by oneself. Introduction to two-foot glides, swizzles, wiggles, and basic marching and gliding maneuvers.
Helmet recommended

Child learns how to fall correctly and recover, plus two-foot and one foot glides and forward and backward swizzles introduce the basic steps needed for forward and backward skating.

Forward stroking, forward crossovers, and the snow-plow stop are taught.

Backward stroking, backward crossovers, and the T-stop are taught.

Elements from the previous tow classes are combined to teach Mohawks, 3-turns (connecting moves that enable the skater to effortlessly switch from forward to backward skating), and hockey stops.

Inside 3-turns, forward outside and inside edges, lunges, bunny hops, and “shoot the duck” are taught.

Freestyle: Levels 1-3: 4-10
For the skater who has mastered all of the basics described above. The 10 different levels cover various jumps, spins, and dance step sequences.

Adult – No Summer Lessons
This class is open to anyone older than 16. Skaters of all abilities are welcome. Instruction will include the fundamentals of forward and backward skating and introduce Ice Dance.

Intro to Synchronized Skating – No Summer Lessons
Requires successful completion of Beta level lessons. Synchro is a team skating sport, where up to 16 skaters perform together as a team. They move as a flowing unit at consistent speeds over the ice, while performing elements and footwork.