Adult Volleyball League Rules


The objective of the City administered leagues shall be to promote and maintain amateur volleyball in Owensboro and Daviess County under conditions most favorable to the enjoyment of the game, and to the development of good citizenship and a spirit of cooperation between the players, officials, spectators and team captains.


  1. League division names are Owensboro B League and Owensboro C League.



  1. Registrations must be at the Owensboro Parks & Recreation Department office before the deadline. Registration must be paid in full at this time.
    1. Late registrations will only be accepted with prior approval from designated City supervisory personnel and are subject to a $50 late fee.
    2. League registration fees will only be refunded if the team withdraws 2 days prior to the captains meeting.
  2. Registration fee for the season will be $185.00 per team, which is to cover all expenses incurred by the league. All teams go forward to the end of league tournament at no charge.
  3. Each team participating in the League shall appoint one team representative who shall be responsible to the Parks & Recreation Department as concerns the receipt and distribution of schedules, and for any matter of general concern to the League.
    1. That representative’s name, address, phone number and e-mail must be registered with the Parks & Recreation Department.
    2. If a change in a team’s representative is made, the new team representative must notify the Parks & Recreation Department immediately.
    3. It is the responsibility of the team representative to contact their respective team members in the event of a match time change or of any other event of concern to their team. Only the team representative will be contacted by the Parks & Recreation Department concerning such changes.


  1. Players must be at least 16 years or older to play in the league.
    1. Any player under the age of 18 must have a parental consent form filled out and turned in with the team roster before the player is eligible to play.
    2. Only 3 players under the age of 18 are allowed on the court at the same time, per team.
  2. Team rosters must have a minimum of eight players and maximum of twelve players listed along with signatures.
    1. A team must play a minimum of two females on the court at all times.
  3. Only one official team roster will be allowed. Anyone not signing the official roster will not be eligible to play.
    1. A team roster must be completely filled out, signed by all players listed, and submitted at the first season match.
    2. Team rosters must be submitted to Parks & Recreation personnel or the referee prior to the team’s first scheduled match time.
  4. Player changes can be made to the team roster through the third match. After the third match is played there will be no player changes made the rest of the season.
  5. Each player may sign only one roster for each League.
    1. If a player has signed a team roster but has not participated with that team in a match prior to the third scheduled match. The player is eligible to sign another team’s roster, after first removing his/her name from the previous roster.
  6. All official team rosters will be emailed to team captains after the third match has been played.
  7. Team roster protests must occur before a match is over. The team protesting the opponent’s roster must submit this to the referee.
    1. Decisions will be made the following day by close of business and teams will be notified by the Parks & Recreation Department once a decision has been made.
    2. If an ineligible player is discovered all games that the player competed in will be recorded as a forfeit
  8. Team rosters must be re-executed for each new league season.


  1. Any form of flagrant or unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of any player will result in the automatic suspension of the offending person(s) from the match.
    1. Any subsequent offense will result in suspension of the offending player(s) from the league for the remainder of the season and/or for any period thereafter that the Parks & Recreation Department might deem appropriate under the particular circumstances of the offense.
    2. “Flagrant or unsportsmanlike conduct” shall be construed (in the sole opinion of the referee in charge) to include, but not be limited to, verbal abuse toward, or personal or physical contact or attempted contact with, any spectator, referee or player.
    3. Any person who is ejected twice during a season will automatically be disqualified for future League play.
  2. The Volleyball Official will use a ‘Yellow Card, Red Card’ system with regards to the above rule.
    1. First Yellow Card will be player’s first warning.
    2. Second Yellow Card issued to player will result in removal from play for 1 set.
    3. The Red Card is a penalty of flagrant or unsportsmanlike conduct. On receiving a Red card the player will be ejected from that match and must leave the gymnasium.
    4. Two Red Cards in one season will result in disqualification from the current league up to any future leagues depending on the reasoning for the red card. All decisions on these matters are made by designated City supervisory personnel.


  1. All team representatives are responsible for assuring each team member knows and abides by the rules set forth herein, which shall apply if different from the rules and regulations of USA Volleyball.
    1. If there is any question concerning rules or their interpretation, consultation shall be made to the Volleyball Rulebook published by USA Volleyball.
    2. Thereafter, if a rule interpretation is required, a time-out must be called by the team representative at the time of incident. Referee will consult with the team representative.
    3. If a rule interpretation is inconclusive play must continue, and notification shall be made to the Parks & Recreation Department the following business day by the referee.
    4. The “Play Over” option is available to the referee at all times, which results in any serve or point to be replayed.
  2. The designated team representative is the only player who may address the referee during match play concerning any rule or interpretation.
    1. Violation of this rule will result in a Yellow Card and/or Red Card.
  3. Decisions based on the judgment of the referee are final and not subject to protest.
  4. A match will start at the time scheduled, there is NO GRACE PERIOD.
    1. Teams have the option to begin a match when the previously scheduled match is complete.
  5. Each team will have a warm up of three min. of non-shared court time prior to the match.
  6. Team representatives, of each team, will meet with the referee prior to the match to determine serve and court.
    1. The referee shall toss a coin in the presence of each team representative.
    2. The team representative of the winning toss shall choose serve or courtside.
    3. If the team representative chooses the serve, his/her team will serve the first set and the third set, if needed.
    4. The loser of the coin toss will serve the second set and select courtside.
  7. A game is won when either team scores a two-point lead with twenty-five for “B League” and twenty-one for “C League” or more rally points (a point will be scored on each serve, regardless of which team serves).
  8. All matches are played on a best of two out of three set basis.
    1. If a third set is necessary, that third set will be played rally point to fifteen.
    2. First team to fifteen in the third set wins the match.
  9. Six players will play at one time with two substitutes and must play a minimum of two females on the court at all times.
    1. USA Volleyball Rules for a 6 player team shall apply at all times.
    2. Teams must field 6 players whenever possible.
    3. Teams unable to play the required number of players will not be deducted points.
  10. If a team has only one female in attendance, the opposing team must decide to let the team continue the match with a 2:1 male to female ratio of 3 players; 2 males and one female.
    1. Or allow the team to forfeit the game.
    2. If the match is played the outcome will reflect team records and league standings.
  11. Three players must play the front row at all times.
  12. Each team must rotate prior to each serving rotation, including a team’s first serve following a side out.
  13. Teams will exchange courts after each set.
  14. Players may legally play a served ball by kicking or passing or setting.
    1. The only thing you cannot do on a serve is block/attack the serve when coming over the net.
  15. Each team shall have two time-outs per match, consisting of no more than thirty seconds in length, per time-out.
    1. Time-outs must be requested during a dead ball.
    2. If a time-out is called when a team has used their allotted amount for the particular match. A point will be awarded to the other team regardless of outcome.
  16. Teams must play all games as scheduled.
    1. If a team must forfeit prior to a scheduled match, the team representative must email advance notice to the Assistant Recreation Facilities Manager, Bryson Morrow at
    2. Teams forfeiting 3 matches in the regular season will be ineligible to play in the end of season tournament.
  17. Teams registering their first “no show” absence will receive a warning.
    1. A second “no show” absence will result in the team being suspended from the league.
  18. League standings will be determined by each team’s win/loss record; any ties will be broken by Head-To Head; Least Points Allowed; Most Points Scored, Flip of a Coin. 


  1. If the ceiling or any other obstruction (basketball goal) is hit over non-playable (out of bounds) areas, the ball is considered dead.
  2. If the ceiling or any other obstruction is hit over a playable area, except any obstruction directly over the plane of the net, and the ball does not pass over the net, the team that caused the ball to hit the ceiling may continue to play the ball if they have not used up their three hits per side.


  1. The Parks & Recreation Department reserves the sole right to reschedule any games that cannot be played when originally scheduled for reasons beyond the control of the Parks & Recreation Department. Every effort will be made to give the team affected as much advance notice of such rescheduled matches as possible.


  1. Please be respectful and help Owensboro Parks & Recreation conduct an excellent league. Observe all rules and help maintain a clean facility.
  2. No children allowed at any time without appropriate adult supervision (i.e. an adult that is not playing at the time of supervision). All supervised children must remain in the gym at all times.
  3. Absolutely no alcohol on City property. This includes the parking lot!
  4. Smoking at all City Parks, Grounds and Facilities is prohibited. Please ask team members to not smoke in or around the facility. 


Owensboro Parks & Recreation Administrative Center

Bryson Morrow
Assistant Recreation Facilities Manager
1530 McJohnson Avenue
Owensboro, KY 42303

Phone: 270- 687-8709
Fax: 270-687-8708

Open Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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