Tickets are $10 and will be available to purchase online or in person at the Owensboro Parks and Recreation Administrative Center (1530 McJohson Avenue).


Dugan Best Recreation Center 

Show Date:  April 14

Show Time: 6:00 p.m.

Meet Our Finalist

Spencer Combs

vocalist: “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers

Spencer is 16 yr. old junior at Owensboro High School. In his free time, he enjoys going to the gym, playing music, working, and hanging out with his friends. His future plan is to attend the Vanderbilt University and complete medical school to become an Anesthesiologist. He has two dogs named Izzy and Rosie.
Spencer gives everything he does and everyone he meets a 110% of himself and never stops smiling.
Spencer’s role model was his papaw for sure, but out of the people alive today he says it would probably Chris Stapleton.

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Paulie Frashure

speed painter: “Holding out for a Hero”

Paulie is an 18-yr. old senior at Apollo High School. She enjoys creating artwork and riding around with friends. Her future plan is to attend the University of Kentucky and double major in management and marketing with a minor in art. Paulie has four pets, three dogs and one cat. She can eat a lemon like an apple, peel and all.
Paulie’s role model is Harry Styles because of his respect for others and his outlook on life.

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Matthew Smith

guitar:“Anesthesia” by Metallica

Matthew is a 15-yr. old freshman at Owensboro High School. His hobbies include playing the electric bass and working on computers.
His future plans are to get a degree in the IT field from OCTC. He has four cats named Nicks, Mick, Vee, and Halloween. Matthew loves playing music.
His role model is the lead singer and guitarist for Megadeth, Dave Mustaine.

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Kaylee Nichols

vocalist: “I Want” by Olivia Rodrigo

Kaylee is an 18 yr. old senior that is home schooled. Her favorite hobbies are theater and musical theater.
Her future plan is to go to college and major in theater. Kaylee has one dog named Sampson, but they call him Boogie because he sneezes when he gets excited.
Kaylee is very passionate. Whenever she likes something, she becomes overly obsessed in a way.
Kaylee’s role models are her oldest sister and Harry Styles.

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Ava Schimp

vocalist: “Easy on Me” by Adele’

Ava is a 15-yr. old sophomore at Apollo High School. Her hobbies include writing music, singing, and watching T.V.
Her future plan is to have a successful music career. Ava has one dog named Diesel. She loves music and loves to sing.
Her role model is Demi Lovato, because she can relate to her songs and she’s just a very strong woman.

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Abigail Oakes

vocalist: “Grace Upon Grace” by Matthew West

Abigail is 15 yr. old freshman at Glory and Grace Academy. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball and painting.
Her future plan is to be a recording artist for TobyMac or Taylor Swift. Abigail has a Yorkie named Gracie.
Abigail is adopted and the only musical person in her entire family. Her role model is her mom.

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Madeline Payne

vocalist: “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crew

Madeline is a 17-yr. old junior at Apollo High School. Her hobbies include, singing, watching TV, and rehearsing lines for Theater. Her future plan is to attend Vanderbilt University and get a degree in the medical field or become a rock musician. Madeline has three dogs and two cats. She is very talented, smart and kind.
Madeline has Autism, but does not allow those challenges to slow her down. Madeline’s role model is her mom.

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Matthew Boarman

vocalist: guitar: “The Stage” by Avenged Sevenfold

Matthew is a 15-yr. old freshman at Owensboro Catholic High School. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, video games, and exercising.
His future plan is to finish high school and go to college. Matthew loves to learn and play the guitar. His role models are his parents.

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Abby Burns

dancer: “That Man” by Caro Emerald

Abby is an 18-yr. old senior at Owensboro Catholic High School. Her hobbies include cheerleading, hunting, reading, riding horses, and taking care of the animals on her family’s farm. Her future plan is to attend Brescia University in the Fall where she will take pre-nursing classes to reach her goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. Abby has 57 pets that include a donkey, goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, dogs, sheep, and cats. Her favorite of the animals is the donkey.
Abby can go from full glamourous cheerleader to work boots and jeans, building fences, and scooping poop all within an hour.
Abby’ s role model is her grandmother because she has inspired her with her strong work ethic, and ability to chase after anything she wants.

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Jo Jarboe

aerialist: “Problems” by Ariana Grande”

Jo is 15 yr. old freshman at Daviess County High School. In her spare time, She enjoys aerial skills and theatrical make-up.
Her future plans are to become an aerial skills instructor and attend the College of Charleston. Jo has three cats named Salty, Happy, and Bo.
She participated in plethora of hobbies/extracurricular activities such as surfing, shark tooth hunting, rock climbing, aerial skills, skateboarding, soccer, gymnastics, space club, hiking, nature club, and puppy training.
Jo’s role model is her mom’s best friend, Sarah Snider because she treats her more like a friend than a boss. She loves the way she meets her where she is and gives great advice.

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Meet The Judges!

Susanne Story

Independence Bank, Community Enrichment Officer

Susanne always has a smile on her face and is always one with a quick come-back; she’s the epitome of what being on a team is all about. Her commitment to our community is as big and awesome as her laugh is.

Nick Oller

Independence Bank, Daviess County President

Nick believes that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. Daviess County’s fearless leader has a heart for our community and instills that mindset in his team each and every day.

Honorable Mayor Tom Watson

City of Owensboro

Tom first served as Mayor of Owensboro from 2005-2008. He was re-elected for a second term in 2016 and is now serving his third term (and in his 11th year) as Mayor.

One of the driving forces behind Tom’s desire to serve as Mayor was to help create a better and brighter future for the youth in our city. He is a firm believer that everything elected officials do should be with our future generations in mind and that we should all strive to leave it better than we found it.

Brionna Greer

Founder, Breaking the Cycle Mentor Program

Brionna Greer, Owensboro high school graduate and recent graduate of Kentucky State University, has been a light for the youth in our community. The summer of 2019 was violent in Owensboro’s west end. Although the violence was not necessarily new, things intensified within the young crowd of the neighborhood. A summer that should have been pool parties and bonfires quickly escalated into a shooting, which left the community shaken. West-end residents could feel the tension and it was clear that the teenagers involved needed guidance. As a native to the part of town most heavily affected, Brionna Greer wanted to spark change. The change was her founding the BREAKING the CYCLE Mentor Program.

The mission of the Breaking the Cycle Mentor Program is to engage, equip and empower disadvantaged students to see beyond their circumstances. The mentor program also addresses the importance of education and career preparedness. In addition, the group strives to create the next generation of leaders by giving them the chance to engage with local officials regarding civil engagement for the common good.

Outside of the program, Brionna enjoys spending time with family and working with the staff and participants at the Dugan Best Recreation Center.

Mike Grey

Recreation Supervisor & Dugan Best Recreation Center Director

Mike Gray has a “Big Heart’ and is always willing to help or serve anybody that comes his way. Mike always keeps a big smile on his face for the world to see so he can make a difference in young children’s lives. Plus, he loves his job with Owensboro Parks and Recreation; a personal dream come true.

Mike’s hobbies are watching movies, coaching basketball, traveling, and being with family and friends.

Mike graduated from Kentucky Wesleyan College in 1997 with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. In 2014, he earned a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies at Newburgh Theological Seminary.

Mike and his wife, Sherry have three children, Kiersten, Sheridan, and Brad, plus six grandchildren, a dog named “Ollie” and a cat name “Bond”.